The X-Files “Pilot”

So this is the first go with blogging while watching. Nt planned this at all and I’ll probably have to go back when I’ve finished to correct all the glaring errors obviously, but here goes.

Should probably point out that I’m a bit of an X-Phile nerd. 🙂

Feels like it starts kind of half-way through. Watching now, the opening seems incredibly dated. On the other hand, Scully sounds like a minor Mulder-fangirl. Either that or Mulder was really really notorious.

Mulder is ace. Never realised, even after knowing about his education background, that he appeared to be so intelligent right from the beginning. Nice touch taking advantage of Scully’s medical qualifications there.

The bit on the plane, with Mulder spread out over a bunch of seats?  And the turbulence? That he was totes expecting. Great moment.

The rapport is great between Mulder and Scully right from the start. The banter plus the sliiight antagonism and Mulder’s blatent not trusting Scully with everything he suspects = win.

The first autopsy is a bit Alien Autopsy – Mulder’s photo-taking mania is a bit annoying though.

Is it just me, or does it seem like Scully has the tiniest crush on Mulder at the start? Especially with her reaction to hearing him at the door of her motel room?

I’m sure watching this first episode in the cold light of early afternoon is totally draining the spookiness and suspense of the stuff in the woods. Would have been so much scarier if this was late at night I reckon. Or if I’d not already seen it. Or read the novelisation.

The time loss bit is surprisingly exciting. And Mulder is an adorable nerd.

It amuses me every time when Scully basically strips for Mulder after only knowing him for like 3 days. The tell-all about his sister and the stuff he’d been doing up until now in the hotel room? Great moment also. Really builds the relationship between Mulder and Scully – lays out his reasons for him working on the X-Files. Also ties nicely with the very end of the series, but I’ll get to that later on.

Also, who would have thought Billy Miles would come back.

Mulder has reallllly no idea. Maybe. Looks like he’s fishing. Scully’s reaction to his mad theorising is hilarious.

The last part of the episode in the forest is exciting. Exactly the right level of suspense and danger. The part that follows with Scully being debriefed is so on the ball for setting up the rest of the series – you want to know more about the X-Files for one and also want to see how Mulder and Scully get on with each other in the future.

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